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Wonderful mango seed oil is a daily care for the skin, hair and nails.

The beneficial effect of mango oil is to maintain the necessary level of skin hydration with the aggressive impact of external factors such as sun, wind, cold and frost.
Mango oil perfectly moisturizes and restores the natural balance of the skin.

Phytosterols and tocopherols accelerate the process of regeneration and healing of damaged skin. Various peeling, coarsening and cracks on the skin of the face and body, small scars, spots after pimples, cracks in the corners of the lips - all this is easily eliminated with mango oil.

Gives the skin firmness and elasticity, velvety and softness, smooths small mimic and deep age wrinkles.

Helps to stabilize the respiration of cells and lipid metabolism in the skin.

The active substances contained in the oil of mango allow to revitalize and restore youth to the skin of the face.

Suitable for normal and combination, young, mature, dry and prone to irritation. With regular use, the mango button is considered a good preventive tool for the appearance of stretch marks.

African Mango butter

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • A small amount of oil must be applied to a clean, slightly moist skin of the face and neck. Lightly massaging movements spread the product over the entire surface of the skin. Gently rub into the skin for 3-5 minutes.

    Weight 100 gr. Manufactured in Israel.
    Store in a dark, cool place or cooler. Shelf life 2 years.

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