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About the properties of Rosehip oil , people knew even in ancient Sparta, Rosehip oil contains more than 15 different kinds of saturated, mono- unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a high percentage of vitamins C, E, A.
Vitamins C and E, are the strongest antioxidants, which effectively fight free radicals, slow the aging process of the skin. Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen synthesis. Vitamin E helps to hydrate the skin, saturate it with oxygen, and maintain its freshness, beauty and youth.

Vitamin A protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences and maintains its health. In addition it provides lightening effect on the skin it is used to reduce skin pigmentation.

Rosehip seed oil well helps in the fight against aging of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the face, smooths existing wrinkles, improves skin elasticity. Due to the unique regenerative properties of organic rosehip oil accelerates the healing of various injuries and cosmetic defects of the skin: scars, acne spots.

Organic Rosehip Oil

$18.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price
  • Soft, circular motions put a few drops of oil on a clean face in the morning and before bedtime. Natural rosehip oil is excellent for the care of tired and aging skin, the skin around the eyes, as well as dry, flaky and sensitive skin.

    100% natural Rosehip seed oil.

    Weight 50 ml. Made in Israel. Store in a dark, cool place. Shelf life 2 years.

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