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Jojoba oil- gold liquid for the body. This oil in their chemical composition is unique. First of all, it is a powerful source of vitamin E, which is responsible for the beauty and youthfulness of our skin. High levels of this vitamin gives jojoba oil antioxidant, regenerative properties. It has a unique absorbency allowing to deliver moisture and all valuable substances to the deepest layers of the skin. Jojoba oil is rich in valuable amino acids, lipids, vitamin E, provitamin A and minerals. A perfect moisturizer to prevent loss of life-giving water. Actively nourishes, tightens the skin, slows down the process of premature aging and smoothes existing wrinkles. Good for the skin around the eyes , helping to smooth " crow's feet " around the eyes and wrinkles under the eyes. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the eyelids.
"And second one, Jojoba is one of the best existing oils in the world that helps prevent a hair loss".

100% Natural Jojoba oil

$18.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price
  • Application: Soft, circular motions put a few drops of oil on a clean face in the morning and before bedtime. Suitable for all skin types, as well as for the care of the skin around the eyes. Ingredients: 100 % natural jojoba oil. Weight 50 ml. Made in Israel. Store in a dark, cool place. Shelf Life 2 years.
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